Care in the Community – Giving Back

Care in the Community – Giving Back

At Latin House we care about our community and hence embarked on a project that we hold very close to our heart, that involve the beauty of “Children & Football”. Not only is “Football” a fantastic game to watch or take part in it also helps to develop numerous skills in young children. They don’t have to play competitively to feel the benefits, just taking part with others will offer its rewards. With this acknowledgement in mind we have teamed up with Tahuicchi FC London by sponsoring them and providing support when needed.

Tahuicchi FC London

Latin House Involvement

Being of Latin decent we embarked on a journey in early 2021 to give back to our fellow Latin community. We formed a Partnership with Tahuicchi FC London, a football club that gives young children from disadvantaged backgrounds the same opportunity as other children, to flourish and play the game that they love!

Club History


TAHUICCHI FC was established in April 2016, Founded by Erwin Montero and inspired by his son Oliver, now 9 years old.

The Football Club initially started with children from the ages of 6-10. They started the year with 6 children and ended the year with 50 children, mainly from Latin American Origen.

The Club went from strength to strength and in 2019 they decided to join the London Football Association and now have children from many different nationalities playing.

Over the last four years Tahuicchi FC have expanded their age ranges and brought in more coaches that share the same dedication and passion as Erwin does to giving these young players the best head start they can.

The club runs off donations from Sponsors and whatever the parents are able to contribute.

Testimonial given by London Football Association Council Member:

Dear Erwin,

I wanted to send you this email to say what a great little Team you have. This is the first time I have refereed your team and they were so very polite and just wanted to get on and play the game. I am very proud to have your club in the league and an honour to meet you all.

Tahiucchi FC are based in Ruskin Park SE5 8TL. Check out their Facebook page for more information:

Margarita Morro Beltran & Cristian Cortes Valenzuela (Owners of Latin House) are very proud and honoured to be a part of the Tahiucchi FC Journey.